Friday, June 3, 2011

A Kick Start with Android Development tools

You need some tools and development kits , in order to develop an android application!!!

First of all you NEED a JDK(Java Development kit)

once you downloaded and installed..... you need an android SDK (Software Development Kit)

Install the android tool kit!!!!

mmmmm..... Is that enough to implement an application for android phone?......

unfortunately it is bit hard to survive to mange code with out IDE!! :(

So let choose IDE for our android app development and experiment!!!
If you ask me, I would recommend Eclipse IDE! since its free and supported by Google!

Download it and open it in your machine :)

I'll tell you rest in another post!!


  1. Hey 1g,

    keep up the gud work :)

    Btw, isnt there a Plugin For ANdroid in NetBeans IDE ?


  3. Hi tech master,
    there are lots of plugins are available for netbeans, but it is bit heavy for a simple development.

    yes, you have correctly identified the Netbean plugin ""